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Your story is touching and i will be praying for you for god to help you with your burdens and the pain of enduring and waiting. My second husband cheated on me and didnt care for me when i had a near cancer scare. Nicole ive been single for a year now and im starting to feel blue loney me singles dating. Who knows, who cares, it doesn’t seem to change a thing knowing the reasons why. Thanks to god i tested negative on every std. Memories seem to form around events with others. Christopher, i’ve never experienced abuse or torture from life or parents, but i can relate to your loneliness as a single. Christopher i am a 27 years old male, single, never had a girlfriend before, dun even know how to hold hands. Dana i am really upset and angry because here i am trusting in god praying my eyes out seeking god with all of my heart. Can you imagine that i found over 20 girls whom he contacted i called all of them some numbers were disconnected.

That is what drives people to want others. I am 47 and the last 20 years of my life seem to have vanished in a haze. Plus don’t let the devil and your flesh influence how you feel. I am 28 years of age, and have never been married and i’m going through the same emotional tugs. He knows your pain and your loneliness because jesus experienced everything a human being could ever experience. Ive been through the hardest times in my life when it comes to being in a relationship. I guess im too nice and get walked all over loney me singles dating. I wonder too if god really knows about our loneliness and pains we are going through. I understand your frustrations and broken heart. I don’t quite remember the exact scripture, but i know it’s in either i or ii peter, it says that we can cast all of our cares on god because he cares about us.

You’d be surprised how you’ll feel afterward. I don’t want him anymore i want to find someone who is spiritually built in god not a baby who is selfish always wanting there needs met and once there needs are not met they become angry and use the other party as an excuse to cheat. If there is someone out there please pray for, i don;t know how long can i endure this lonely and broken heart.fir men for chubby woman dating service.
. I am sure this is the main cause of most of my misery, being alone or not being with people that i bond with. Delilah christopher, i was about to say your not alone but i guess you are. And the rat cheats on me going on craiglist looking for hookers. Most thank god he could not get thru to most of them they were busy. 27 years of pain and torture from life, parents , people abuse, no one to share joy and pains of life. Im a single mom, divorced twice, and im only 30. .

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