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[edit] vehicle roles [edit] light assault vehicles vehicles that fall into the light assault category are typified by speed and maneuverability, functioning as ideal hit-and-run or fast response units planetside players not. Many vehicles also have unlockable aesthetic customization options, allowing the player to tailor their vehicle s colors, camouflage pattern, and more to personal taste. If the base had only one vehicle pad you could acquire both aircraft and ground vehicles through it, but if the base was also equipped with an air pad, air and ground vehicles could only be requested at their respective pads. Noticed that the max players per map is 2000 right. I don t want to get steamrolled or steamroll the other factions every game. The vehicles in this category include the light tank called the lightning (ns) and the empire specific tanks know as the vanguard (nc), the prowler (tr) and the magrider (vs). I also don t want to go up against players with direct upgrades. The timer mechanism helped to diversify encounters on the battlefield and incentivized players to use good judgment while in control of a vehicle planetside players not. Secondly, is this game p2w or can you only buy cosmetics like in smite (f2p) or overwatch (cheap game so excused). It also has 4 turrets and can defend itself well. [edit] construction vehicles with the introduction of the construction update in planetside 2, there is a new class of vehicles defined by a lack of direct battle usage, instead having a use in the collection of resources. The lightning however may be found at a terminal without the mbt. The vehicles in this category include the esfs known as the reaver (nc), the mosquito (tr), and the scythe (vs). The exception to this rule was the advanced nanite transport (ant), which did not require a certificate and was available to all players. Fuck power progression in multiplayer games. However, they are vulnerable and the empire specific fliers, or esfs, can be attacked by small arms fire, but specialized aa weapons can rip these vehicles apart very quickly.

Finally, what do vanu do better than other factions, other than no bullet drop and looking cool. It seems that the game doesn t have enough people to completely fill more than one continent/server. With many shapes and sizes to choose from, including atvs, troop transports, tanks, and aircraft, players have no shortage of options to help them get into the fight quickly and with formidable firepower at their disposal. Or have they made continents smaller to compensate for loss in playercount. Don t be corporate shills or people trying to make sure their fav game doesn t die, just give honest opinions. Is that server usually full and is it relatively balanced factionwise. Some friends and i are thinking of playing vanu on cobalt eu as one friend already started on that server. These pads are located at strategic points in and around facilities and can only be used by members of the controlling faction, as enemy-controlled pads will not allow the player to enter the requisition interface. Unlike the original planetside, a player s choice of certifications and armor (determined in planetside 2 by one s choice of class) does not affect his or her ability to enter certain vehicles. These empire-specific vehicles are designed expressly for the faction s own use and cannot be driven or piloted by a member of a competing empire. All bases except technology plants had a vehicle pad in the courtyard where the player could request a vehicle. They are designed to survive through a lot of enemy fire and aren t super slow, but they are not fast either. Some vehicles are equipped with modular weapon mounts that allow for customization prior to fabrication, enabling a single type of vehicle to fill multiple combat roles when appropriately configured. Thank you in advance for your answers :) vehicle due in part to the scope of planetside 2 s open-world gameplay, vehicles play an important role in the game both tactically and in terms of the speed of gameplay. [edit] heavy assault vehicles what vehicles in this category lack in quickness they make up for in brute strength and survivability. Previously, there was a time limit on how often a vehicle could be acquired, but the limit could be lowered through advancement of the acquisition timer certification.

The vehicles in this category include the grounded sunderer (ns), which is used often due to its availability at every base, its 2 turrets, and its use as a mobile spawn unit. Unlike in the original planetside, the ant does not support existing bases, and instead is used entirely for player-made bases. Some vehicles could be found in multiple certifications (like the mosquito) while others had prerequisite certifications that had to be obtained first (like the battleframe robotics (bfrs)).matt bouldin dating taylor swift.
. I am a former rising storm 1/red orchestra 2 (same game) player who is thinking of trying planetside because unfortunately rs1 has died (at least my favourite servers have). The ant s main role is to collect randomly spawning resources called cortium, which can then be used by the ant to create player-made bases. These vehicles include the flash(ns), and the harasser (ns). I heard that nc has best mech suits and mbts right. Contents air and ground vehicles can be acquired by spending resources acquired through kills and objectives at terminals attached to the appropriate (that is, ground or air) vehicle pad. It can also be used as a mobile spawn, but only by members of the same squad as the galaxy pilot. Advanced vehicles (mostly those with heavier armor) required a faction to control and power a nearby technology plant in order to requisition them. But there are only 2000ish players on worldwide at any time. Both can be spawned at every base via vehicle terminal. At any given time, a player s selection of vehicles is limited by their ability to access an appropriate vehicle pad and by their choice of empire, as each faction features several unique vehicles in addition to the standard common pool options. [edit] transport vehicles with lots of health, good firepower, and a high capacity, transport vehicles are the best way to get people from one place to another. .Free voice chat with naked women.

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