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This adjusts his expectations upward for real life women, because he can now only get off to women who are as hot and sexually voracious as his redtube lovers. Roissy maxim #55: if she’s hot, why would she bother with online dating. Roissy maxim #59: high iq is no inoculation against beta delusion. Roissy maxim #98: marriage is no escape from the sexual market and the possibility that you may be outbid by a competitor with higher value. He drops out of the dating market dissatisfied with the irl heifers available to him. This is not your blog and we are not an asylum. Blue balls and t build-up that would occur in a pre-online porn environment act together to focus and energize a man’s sexual standards, because he’s not going to blow his one chance for sexual relief on a heifer or bitterbitch feminist. Corollary to #41: it is the inexperienced beta male who is most often in the dark about a woman’s sexual history and liable to be victimized by the cheating slut. Make life uncomfortable for them, not yourself. 31 roissy maxim #2: women are turned on by displays of male power. Roissy maxim #93: the rare older woman-younger man pairing is like a lab experiment gone wrong. Roissy maxim #13: calling a girl out on her lie accomplishes nothing. In addition to that the old workhorse can’t have a decent house, a job for life and a loyal wife with only one string to his bow. Porn probably raises the aggregate beta male thirst, and probably also raises the aggregate beta male disgust threshold for acceptable mates. Roissy maxim #856: swear by the hipandcooter oath: first, use no logic. Your girlfriend will then wonder if it’s something she did.

Roissy addendum #328a: seeking short term status is a matter of self-interest. Keep thread titles as brief as possible and use all their different usernames. Roissy maxim #19: the alpha male thinks and acts more like a woman than a man in matters of seduction. Weidmannowner of chateau heartiste, closet homo, pedo, and white nationalist pua; scared of vaginas forum guidelines lolcows are people and groups whose eccentric or foolish behavior can be milked for amusement and laughs roissy dating market value. Roissy maxim #39: if you want a wife stay clear of investing much in girls who constantly remind you they like to have “fun fun fun” and “get bored easily”. In fact, they will respect you more for your boldness and willingness to follow your manly desires roissy dating market value. He understands his adversary’s psychology, and uses it to shatter her defenses. Roissy maxim #41: the more experience you have with women, the more you’ll know which women have experience with men. The pornfed soyboy is content hitching his rickety pisswagon to an unfeminine careerist shrike or gargantuan blob because his porn habit rescues him from abject sexual starvation and the motivation to fill his ballbelly. Corollary to the above: male choosiness and female abundance do not necessarily have to be true for the strategy of behaving as if they are true to be effective at seducing women. Roissy maxim #6: never make it easy for a girl. Roissy maxim #25: withholding sex is the tactic of a woman who has already lost. Roissy maxim #20: the gina tingle is the principal moral code to which women subscribe. Corollary: singleness is no guarantee of full sexual market participation. You do not decide if a thread is to remain open or not. It helps kick the legs out from under the pedestal you will be tempted to put her on, and it is more often than not true.

Roissy maxim #666: when a woman has incentive to lie, she will choose lying over honesty every single time. Roissy maxim #30: when in doubt, ask yourself “wwjd. Roissy maxim #33: no girl wants to be thought she isn’t a special little snowflake.essex free cam chat no regestration.
. Roissy maxim #8: marriage is a social mechanism designed to exchange sex for indentured servitude. Being instantly gratified causes people to behave more desperately i’ve seen a man lose his rag at a microwaveable meal taking a whole 6 minutes. Your libido is too important to gamble on such a girl. Roissy maxim #4: trust no one missing a sense of humor. Corollary to maxim #666: treat woman like soviet russia — trust but verify. Roissy maxim #12: if you are comfortable with your game being splashed across a jumbotron for thousands of people to read, then you are doing it right. In case of marriage, keep separate accounts. Roissy maxim #15: female cultural equality = male dating inequality. Roissy maxim #2008: socialists gain when single women who refuse to settle vote. The new and improved chateau argument: man watches porn featuring slender babes catering to his fantasies. Roissy maxim #666: all kneel before the god of biomechanics, by sword or by surrender. Roissy maxim #51: commanding women to do your bidding will give you a bigger beta margin of error. .

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